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Songwriter & Authors Data Base Registration

This unique and totally free registration service welcomes songwriter’s, authors and composers etc. who would like to add their names to our international database of creative talent.

This registration service is open to.......

All manner of creative artistes to register, below are some examples. Songwriters

  • Authors
  • Composers
  • Creative_Artists
  • Web_designers
  • Photographic_Artists
  • Graphic_Artists

 Copyright registration services

Welcome to WiCAD. WiCAD logo

Please take a few moments to browse our web site and complete the registration form. Adding your details is a simple process and totally free from any charge what-so-ever. To add your details, scroll down to the bottom of this page and fill in the form.

Our aim is to build the largest database of its kind which will eventually be accessible via the internet. We intend to catalogue all who register with WiCAD and categorise their various styles and music genres.

This international registration service is free and open to all songwriter’s composers etc. who wish to add their names to our Composer, Author Database.

Why not join the many thousands of songwriters, authors and composers who have already registered and add your name to our international database by completing the registration form. Our aim is to build the largest searchable online database of songwriters, composers, authors and creative artists.

Who can register

The following is by no means a complete or comprehensive list of those we welcome to WiCAD.

  • Songwriters
  • Composers of music
  • Lyricists
  • Poets,
  • Authors of literary works
  • Creators of artistic works

The registration is open to both professionals and amateurs alike and remains free whatever your status.

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